Print Review: MyHime volumes 1-3

MyHime volumes 1-3

Review MyHime volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair

One thing I am learning about manga is that manga based off of an anime series rather than the other way around is usually to be avoided.

When Yuuichi Tate transferred to Fuka High School he expected a place of quiet to study since an injury cut short his Kendo career. At least he wasnít expecting a school where super powered girls fought monsters called orphans. The prospect of lying low in all this chaos quickly becomes impossible as well as two of the girls fighting, Mai and Natsuki, both find out that Yuuichi can give their powers a boost and now they are both very, very interested in him. So in short Yuuichiís live quickly becomes a very pleasurable hell.

MyHime is an anime and manga franchise and it is pretty easy to tell that it didnít start with the manga. These manga usually turn out to be rather bad and MyHime is no except to this rule. The plot differs greatly from that of the anime but unfortunately much of the characterization that made the anime more than your average fan service show is shed. As for the fan service itself that usually depends on the quality of the artwork which far from great. In short the MyHime manga is little more than a disappointment which and I canít recommend to anybody.

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