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Hiroyuki is a fairly typical but generally lazy high school student. He makes friends with people very easily but his best friends are Akari, Shiho and Masashi. Akari in particular is special because of the secret love that she has held for Hiroyuki for a long time. The next few months will be an interesting time as Hiroyuki will become familiar with many new girls. Since Akari isn't all that good at expressing her feelings will the chances of a future relationship be dashed?

To heart is based off of a dating sim of the same name. This show is very quiet and subdued and that is the main dividing point between people who like the show and those that don't. one of the strengths of the show is that with the notable exception of Multi in later episodes (she is an android) the show deals with the Japanese high school life with a greater realism than in most shows.

Even though it was made in the later half of the nineties To heart uses the older hand drawn style of animation. I believe it is a good match for the show and is used very well.

To heart is currently only available though fansubs. You could find To heart to be a sweet and endearing show or it might put you to sleep. It all depends on how much action you want in an anime show at the moment. I tend to go with the former opinion on this show. I give To heart a rating of very good.

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