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Princess Nine

Review Princess Nine

Ryo Hayakawa is a young girl who also happens to be a great pitcher. After seeing her beat one of the top male baseball players in Japan a high school chairwoman decides to form a girl's baseball team and give Ryo a scholarship so she can pitch for them. Izumi, the daughter of the chairwoman is intensely jealous of Ryo as not only is the new baseball team monopolizing her mothers attention but Takasugi, a boy whom Izumi likes, has his eye on Ryo. This isn't the only trouble as the fledging baseball team must faces constants challenges to it's very existence.

Princess Nine is a show that relies more on the emotional impact of the story rather than it's intricacies. That is simultaneously the show's strength and weakness. On one hand it is a bit cliché and heavy handed with the drama. Still it is fun show and something that can really get a hold of the viewer and take you along for the ride. It is also perhaps the only commercially available sample of the sports genre that is generally ignored in American anime fandom.

The animation for Princess nine is passable but nothing really amazing. It is what you would generally expect for a television show.

Princess Nine is a fun anime that is sadly lacks the popularity that it deserves. All in all this is a fun show that is certainly worth watching especially since it is cheaper to buy than most anime shows (dvd's are 20 dollars a piece and now you can get the entire 26 episode series for only 60 dollars). I give Princess Nine a rating of very good.

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