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Puchi Puri Yuushi

Review Puchi Puri Yuushi

Yuushi looks really young for her age. In fact she still looks like a ten year old even though she is seventeen. One day the wise old dragon that lives in the nearby lake tells Yuushi that she can overcome her predicament by becoming the platina princess and asking the eternal tiara for a wish. So Yuushi and her demon servant Cube sneak into the castle to find the tiara. They are stopped by Queen Erisel who tells Yuushi that in order to be able to wear the tiara she must undergo training at the princess academy.

Puchi Puri Yuushi is a show based off of the video game series Princess maker. The show loosely follows the game with many episodes being devoted to Yuushi and her friends taking on some part time job in order to learn a valuable life lesson. The end result is a shojo series that while episodic for the most part isn't rigid in story structure. This is one of the stronger shows aimed at younger girls that I have seen (not that I usually watch these types of shows but I have seen a few).

The animation quality for the show is good. As is usual with this type of show, there is a preponderance of bright colors and a general but not overpowering sense of cuteness.

Puchi Puri Yuushi is currently only available through fansub. Given the nature of the show and that it has been well over a year since it is made casts some doubt in my mind as whether it will ever be licensed. If not than believe it is a shame since this a nice show that deserves recognition. I give Puchi Puri Yuushi a rating of good/ very good.

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