Anime Review: Maburaho


Review Maburaho

In a world like our own except everyone can use magic Kazuki Shikimori is a loser because he can't use it that often. In fact he only has eight uses for the rest of his life. On the bright side his family has a bunch of famous wizards in it and it is very likely that Kazuki's children will be amazing wizards. For that reason women suddenly find him interesting Especially Kuriko and Rin. There is one other girl named Yuna who is also interested in Kazuki but possibly for a different reason.

Maburaho is a somewhat stereotypical anime show about some loser and the girls that love him. Although I fault no one for not wanting to see this show based on that fact I still say it is a pretty good show. The main reason is that manages not to rely to heavily on any premise or joke for too long. There is also a big suprise that happens in the middle of the show. The characters are not especially deep but like the comedy they manage to not stick to any one character trait for too long.

The animation for Maburaho is nice but just generally average. It is filled with bright colors, cute characters and fairly simply CG work.

This show is a simply average show that is squarely targeted at young men. Still if you can tolerate shows of this type you should find it to be fun show. I give Maburaho a rating of good.

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