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Gatekeepers 21

Review Gatekeepers 21

Over thirty years after the gatekeepers of the Aegis organization triumphed over the invaders those same invaders have returned. Unfortunately the gatekeepers that were so vital to the victory are all dead or gone and Aegis is driven underground. In their place is the invader hunters and one of them is Ayane Isuzu. One day she sees a girl flying in the night sky. Tracking her down she find that it is her classmate Miu Minazaru. Ayane hopes to use Miu to help her fight invaders.

Gatekeepers 21 is like many 26 episode adventure shows but without all the filler episodes. While that might have been a bit hyperbolic the fact of the matter is that the plot is strong and the show doesn't waste time with fluff. The main character Ayane, is also a bit different that what most anime shows have for heroes and also is a nice contrast to Miu. As it has almost an entirely new cast watching the original Gatekeepers show is unnecessary to understand this show.

The animation for Gatekeepers 21 is really good. The generally quality is well above average and the dark colors compliment the atmosphere of the show.

Gatekeepers 21 is a big improvement over the original Gatekeepers show, so it should be a good time even if you didn't enjoy the television show. While it nothing groundbreaking, Gatekeepers 21 is executed superbly. I give Gatekeepers 21 a rating of very good.

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