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Gunslinger girl

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In the Italian government there is an organization called the social welfare corporation. The organization's purpose is very different than what it's name suggests since they are in the business of taking seriously injured girls and turning them into cybernetic assassins. The girls are paired up with an agent that they form a bond with do to the girl's mental conditioning and the two are called a fratello and sent out on anti terrorist missions. Although there are several girls the focus of the story is on Henrietta and her handler Jose.

I found Gunslinger girl to be a disappointment. While the show has a very interesting premise the execution of the show leaves something to be desired. My main beef with Gunslinger girl is that show never attempts to be cohesive instead it is littered with mission of the week episodes and an oversized cast that cuts down on character development. None of this makes the not worth watching but simply downgrades what could have been a great show.

The visuals for Gunslinger Girl are top notch. The character designs are well done and the scenery is so good it makes me want to take a trip to Italy. The action scenes are brief but intense. On top of that the opening and ending themes as well as the background music are very enjoyable.

Gunslinger girl is currently only available though fansubs. It is a good show but unfortunately the concept was better than the execution. If like dark shows or have a thing for espionage this should be a good show for you. I give Gunslinger girl a rating of good/ very good.

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