Anime Review: Urusei Yatsura beautiful dreamer

Urusei Yatsura beautiful dreamer

Review Urusei Yatsura beautiful dreamer

It is time for the annual Tomobiki culture festival and all of Ataru's classmates are working hard to set up a café (Ataru is loafing off). They have been going at it for days although just about everyone has lost track of time. Eventually the overworked Onsen Mark suspects something may be amiss. According to him time might just be repeating itself. Although it may just his brain frying from too much stress eventually more things start happening that support what he is saying. What could be the cause of this?

Beautiful dreamer is very well done comedy. The nature of the humor is accessible to everyone even those who are unfamiliar with Urusei Yatsura. While a newbie may not understand everything, Urusei Yatsura's strength is just plain screwy comedy and that takes no prior knowledge to enjoy. The scope of the movie also feels right for a movie as opposed to anime movies that are just long episodes. The show is just as zany as the rest of the series if not more.

The animation for Beautiful Dreamer is old school but still is pretty good. In my experience comedies often can deal with worse animation than other genres and this movie certainly fits that description.

Urusei Yatsura is one of the great older anime shows and this movie is a very good look at how it works. Also it is just one of the better of the wall anime comedies. I would recommend this to anyone. I give Urusei Yatsura beautiful dreamer a rating of very good.

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