Anime Review: Wrath of the ninja

Wrath of the ninja

Review Wrath of the ninja aka Yotoden

The village of the ninja clan Kasumi was destroyed by a terrible monster and there is only one survivor. Her name is Ayame and she is left with the sacred sword of the clan and is charged with finding two other clans who possess similar weapons. It is believed that once all three weapons are brought together they will have the power to defeat the evil that is plaguing them. Oda Nobunaga and his squad of demon ninjas called the host of Oburo stand in their way.

Wrath of the ninja is a movie made from a three part Oav called Yotoden. In the transition 45 minutes of footage was cut along with what seems like a great deal of the character development. There is a good deal of plot threads that feel underdeveloped and were probably better explained in the Oav. What is left is a passable but choppy story and some decent ninja fights. While the show is somewhat better than utter trash it left me feeling cold and like it could have been better.

The animation for this movie is decent but a bit dated. Unfortunately the background music is bad eighties synth pop which contrasts poorly with the setting.

The best word that I can come up with when it comes to wrath of the ninja is forgettable. Any effort spent in finding or paying to watch this movie is pretty much wasted. I give wrath of the ninja a rating of fair.

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