Anime Review: Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia

Review Tales of Eternia Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

Tales of Eternia is a short television show based on a video game. A while ago Media Blasters had the license to it but the producers defaulted when they lost the materials needed to make a professional copy of the show. After watching it, it is my opinion that it was no great loss to anime fans.

Rid is simple minded swordsman. Farah is a martial artist who complains a lot. Keel is a wimpy scholar. Meredy is a bubbly girl from another world. Together the four of them must stop the grand fall a disaster that will destroy both of their worlds. Well at least that is what they where planning to do before a bounty hunter dragged Rid off to some island to help her fight a monster. Now do to a series of accidents they can't get off the island.

When I saw that the video game Tales of Eternia (also known as Tales of Destiny 2) was translated into an anime show I thought it was going to be something like Star Ocean EX. Sadly I was disappointed. Instead of going along with the interesting plot of the game, for most of the show the characters are milling around an island doing things that can be best described as filler. This is a real shame since the game itself had a decent plot. The filler also drags down character development since this is true filler not a plot driven by character development. Overall this show is something that is best forgotten.

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