Anime Review: Pretear


Review Pretear written by Warpshadow Rating Very Good

Pretear is a collection of all the shojo conventions (it's a magical girl show with bishonen added) that many fans love without all the filler episodes that I hate.

The princess of disaster is loose and the world is in trouble. The leafe knights need to find a new pretear to help them fight her. After searching they find a new pretear candidate named Himeno Awayuki. Himeno has her own problems as her father has just remarried she has a whole new family including two troublesome stepsisters to deal with. She does know that most disasters don't wait around for your family life to straighten itself out and so she decides to lends her powers to the cause. An interesting power it is indeed for Himeno has the power to prete with any of the knights combining both their bodies and amplifying their power.

I enjoyed Pretear largely because the show was short and concise. One of my main beefs with magical girl shows is that they tend to get bogged down with pointless monster of the week episodes. Pretear has almost none of that instead it gets to the heart of the matter and finishes up in 13 episodes. The nature of the transformation sequences or preting, is a tad erotic and may make the viewer feel a bit weird especially when Himeno merges with one of the younger leafe knights. Pretear has crisp animation and an enjoyable soundtrack making the aesthetic end of the show as good as the plot and characters.

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