Anime Review: Towards the terra

Towards the terra

Review Towards the terra Written by Warpshadow Rating good

One of the anime films of yesteryear Towards the terra is a serious movie. Will you like it? In my opinion it is largely a question of your ability to put up with long winded and somewhat pretentious films.

In the future mankind has polluted the planet Earth to the point that they can no longer live there. To make sure that the human race could continue to live until the planet could restore itself a system was set up. In this system children are born in test tubes and they have their memories erased when they grow up. There is also segment of humanity called the Mu with psychic powers who are hunted. A young boy named Jomy who is on the cusp of adulthood falls under the suspiction of the authorities that he may be a Mu.

Towards the terra is the kind of philosophical movie that I really like but there the plot of the movie is a bit too disjointed for me to fully recommend. The thematic elements are well done but there are numerous inconsistencies that keep it from greatness. This is a movie that takes itself very seriously, some people will be enthralled by it's story and others will crack jokes at it's more awkward moments, I ended up doing a bit of both. The animation is dated (it was made in 1980) but you can tell there was some serious effort put into making this. As of this writing Towards the Terra hasn't made the transition to DVD so it can be a bit hard to find. I suggest that only fans of old school anime and intellectual shows make the effort to find it.

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