Anime Review: Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Review Golden Boy Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

As a reviewer I generally somewhat dismissive of fan service and shows that have a large amount of it since I have seen it used far too often as a crutch. Fortunately Golden Boy is and adult comedy that can stand on it's own two feet.

Kintaro Oe is a university drop out (even though he completed all the requirements for graduation) who wanders the land doing various part time jobs. Supposedly his motive is to learn about the world. The jobs that he takes almost always have one important benefit, beautiful women working as his coworkers or as his boss. Kintaro is a huge pervert so he work at any job that provides such benefits even if he doesn't get paid.

Golden Boy is a six part Oav and except for a slew of cameos in the sixth episode they all stand alone. Although the episodes vary in amounts this is a very ecchi comedy. The fortunate thing is one of the best shows of the genre. The biggest reason for this is that unlike many protagonists in this genre Kintaro is a likable character especially with his love of learning and indomitable spirit. The fact that he is a pervert (especially with his weird toilet fetish) is just part of his character but it integrates well with his other sides. While the show does look like it has a limited concept the story ends in just the right place before it becomes truly repetitive.

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