Anime Review: Girls Bravo

Girls Bravo

review Girls Bravo Written by Warpshadow rating good

It seems that Harem type Romantic comedies and fan service in general are all the rage in anime today. What that means is that they are being made regardless of the production values. What does this mean for Girls Bravo? Not much, it falls under the "Certainly not a classic but I have seen worse" category.

Yukinari is a young boy who is afraid of women, so much so that when he touches one he breaks out in hives. So, unlike most people, when a misunderstanding with his friend Kirie causes her to knee him into his bathtub into an alternate world filled with women he considers it a bad thing. Fortunately for him he winds up in the house of Miharu who not only is nice and pretty but also is safe for him to touch. What is more Miharu follows Yukinari home and chooses to live with him.

After watching Girls Bravo I found it was a mediocre show in the romantic comedy genre. It is not so much a bad show as one that lacks much in the way of originality. While this often the case with shows of this type it doesn't help that three of the girls (namely Miharu, Koyomi and Tomoka) seem to be almost clones of girls in other shows. To make matters worse there is some blatant censorship in the television broadcast of the show. Nothing kills fan service like censorship. Even with all of this Girls Bravo isn't a bad show, the jokes work and the girls are cute. If your the type that likes this type of show you shouldn't be disappointed.

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