Anime Review: Gundam 8th team

Gundam 8th team

Review Gundam 8th team Written by Warpshadow rating very good

Do you dislike giant robot shows because they feel unrealistic and overblown? If you do then you might want to take a look at Gundam 8th team. On the other hand if you like those kind of shows it still is very much worth watching.

It is the 79th year of the universal century. Humanity is at war with itself. One of the soldiers in the war, newly commissioned Shiro Amada is on route to his assigned position when he comes upon a battle. Using a makeshift pod he manages to save his fellow soldier but gets stranded in the process. He manages to escape with the help of the Zeon pilot he fought with (but not before she gives her watch) and is assigned to lead the 8th mobile suit team.

Gundam 8th team is rather different than most mecha anime and yet manages to keep with all the conventions that make Gundam franchise good. The most noticeable thing is that the Oav takes place on a smaller scale than most mecha shows, trying to portray war somewhat realistically, even if it done with giant robots. The main strength of this show is the Characters, as opposed to the plot or action even thought those elements are not lacking, out of a sizable cast there isn't one that I disliked. The Oav takes a while to find it's legs so to speak so if you are in some doubt I suggest you see the whole thing.

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