Anime Review: Ranma Oav collection

Ranma Oav collection

Review Ranma Oav collection Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Most popular anime shows that air on television will often produce an Oav or two if for no other reason than to rake in some more money. Ranma is no different. Although the price tag is a bit steep considering that there are only twelve episodes, if you can get your hands on them you are in for some quality comedy.

For those unfamiliar with Ranma it is the story of a teenage martial artist with curse that causes him to change into a girl when he comes into contact with cold water. Not only this, through the incompetence and greed of his father he is engaged to four women. It is a very popular series sporting a 100+ episode television series. Since the Oav collection, with the exception of two two-part episodes are entirely unrelated to each other there isn't much I can say in the way of plot.

I found the Oav series to be better than the rest of Ranma for two reasons. The first and most obvious is the improvement in animation. Also important is the nature of the episodes. Several of the episodes featured allow for most of the cast to appear in the same episode, seriously upping the zany factor. Anyone who has seen any Ranma knows how important the zany factor is to the show. Also any fans of Kasumi should appreciate the Oav's since a couple of episodes feature this generally ignored character.

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