Anime Review: Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo Babylon

Review Tokyo Babylon Written by Warpshadow rating good

Have you ever seen X and wondered what was the deal with those two characters Subaru and Seishiro (especially in the movie where they died in the first five minutes)? If you have then this is the Oav for you.

Subaru is the head of the Sumeragi clan, a family of Onmyoji who have protected Japan since the days of old. The two people he knows best are Hokuto, Subaru's bossy and fashionable twin sister, and Seishiro, a handsome and kindly veterinarian. However modern day Tokyo is fraught with dangers both mundane and supernatural and it is Subaru's job to help the people of the city with his mystical powers.

Tokyo Babylon is a two part Oav based on the manga series by CLAMP. Overall this is a decent Oav, the plot and characters well developed for the time allotted to them. The story does feel incomplete. The best way for me to describe it would be that if there was a Tokyo Babylon television series that the Oav episodes would be sort of in the middle were shows usually place their filler episodes. The animation is well done even it does look a bit dated. While I honestly can't say that Tokyo Babylon is bad I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except for hard core CLAMP fans and even then I would suggest that they get the manga instead (it is now available in the US).

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