Anime Review: Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu

Review Vampire Princess Miyu Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

It's almost Halloween (as of the time of this review) and are you in need of a good horror anime? Even though Japanese celebrate their version in July called Obun Vampire Princess Miyu is a show that you can enjoy anytime you are in need of a chill running down your back.

In the ancient city of Kyoto live a spiritualist named Himiko. One day she receives a job to help a girl who can not wake up. Even with her powers she can not make her rouse from her slumber. While this is happening a series of murders is occurring. All of the victims are female and they have been drained of all of their blood. Himiko comes across a strange young girl who is also connected to both of these events. One thing is certain this girl isn't a normal girl her age.

Vampire princess Miyu is a four part Oav series. Except for the relationship between Miyu and Himiko all of the episodes can stand alone. While their is ample character development considering that it is only four episodes long it is not the centerpiece of the show. The show is a horror anime and good at creeping out the viewer. Great care is taken in the animation and direction of Vampire Princess Miyu which is a must for horror films. The horror stories are not so much played for shock value but instead for a far more subtle and pervasive sense of unease. Also the horror is very distinctly Japanese in style, something that I found to be a plus. While I don't want to give anything away the fact that anime does not always have a happy ending adds much needed weight to the stories.

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