Anime Review: Blue Seed Beyond

Blue Seed Beyond

Review Blue Seed Beyond Written by Warpshadow rating fair/ good

Many Oavs are made after a successful television series. Some of them are good because they wrap up a plot line or they explore some other angle to a character that was missed in the series. On the other hand sometimes they just suck, and Blue Seed Beyond is a case of the later.

It has been two years since the TAC Heroically saved the country of Japan from the threat of the Aragami. While they should be hibernating rather than attacking people but that is what some of them are doing. The source of the problem is in San Francisco where an experiement using Mitamas to create a new weapon has gone awry. If this new threat wasn't enough for Momiji there is also Valencia, a mysterious woman connected to this incident. When it is found out that she has a Mitama as well Momiji fears that she might steal Kusunagi

While not everyone agrees with me, I thought Blue Seed was a great show, but the fact of the matter is that it ended very solidly. This extra material feels like it is just an excuse to make more money off of the franchise. The DVD is three episodes long. While the first two episodes are a somewhat cohesive story and passable as a side story what really brings down the Oav is the third episode. The third episode is an onsen (hot springs) episode with a stupidly executed bomb plot added in. What a horrid way to end a good series.

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