Anime Review: Twelve kingdoms

Twelve kingdoms

Review Twelve kingdoms written by warpshadow Rating excellent

At first glance this show may look like Fushigi Yugi, being about a girl transported to a Chinese-esque fantasy world but the similarities are only cosmetic. In all honesty regardless of what you think of the other show Twelve kingdoms is something that is very well worth watching.

Youko Nakajima is normal high school girl who has a problem with trying to please everybody. One day a strange foreign looking man named Keiki appears out of no where and pledges loyalty to Youko. He finds her just in time for a huge demon bird is right on his tail and tries to kill Youko. Through special servants of Keiki help Youko survive against the monster and take her and two of her friends to another world. What will happen to Youko and her friends in this strange world and why did Keiki want her to go there?

To put it simply, Twelve kingdoms is complex. Being based on a series of novels instead of either manga or a video game, the show is far more intricate than most anime. There is a lot of detail placed in the setting and a fair portion of the show is used to explain just how the world works. This might turn off some people, namely the young and those with short attention spans, but for others it can be really fun to watch. Conflicts are treated differently as well. Although the show has it's fair share of battles, the emphasis is placed on the inner conflicts of the characters. In both the characterization and setting are dealt with not only quality but originality making Twelve kingdoms one of the best shows I have ever seen.

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