Anime Review: Doomed Megapolis

Doomed Megapolis

Review Doomed Megapolis Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Why is it that every evil mastermind and their brother tries to destroy Tokyo in anime? It's enough to make you want to move to another city, After all no one tries to blow up Sendai or Nagoya in anime.

In the last year of the Meiji Era a great shadow of Evil sweeps over the city of Tokyo. This shadow is the evil sorcerer Yasunori Kato. For his wicked plans he has set his sights on the young maiden Yukari. Kato plans to use her to awaken the guardian spirit of Tokyo, Masakato. This would be disasterous for the city as it is said that if the guardian should ever awaken he shall bring ruin upon the city. It is upon the shoulders of a few mystics falls the duty of preventing this catastrophe.

Doomed Megapolis is a four part Oav series centering around Kato's various plans to destroy Tokyo. The central hook to the show is the supernatural horror that is used for fight sequences. The demons used in the movie are sometimes frightening but are more often used to facilitate action scenes. I found the cast of characters to be somewhat flat and uninteresting, clearly as they are not the reason for watching the show. The action scenes are pretty cool although they do start to feel repetitive after a while. It's not a bad series, something along the lines of a guilty pleasure. Now that it is available in one box set it is worth getting.

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