Anime Review: Devil Hunter Yohko

Devil Hunter Yohko

Review Devil Hunter Yohko Written by Warpshadow rating fair/ good

Here is an Interesting piece of Trivia for you. Devil Hunter Yohko was the first anime Distributed by licensing giant ADV. As with most new licensing companies they started with the cheap and disposable Oavs.

Yohko Manno is a fairly typical high school girl She lives with her rather horny mother and cranky grandmother. That is until one day a demon possesses one of her friends who tries to seduce her. Yohko's grandmother steps in just in time for if Yohko lost her virginity she could not become the devil hunter and save the world. This is a good thing since the world needs saving right about now, in fact there is something about a black queen and a ritual of resurrection that will flood the world demons and just happens to fall on the night that Yohko learns that she is a devil hunter.

Devil Hunter Yohko is a six episode Oav that obviously varies in quality from episode to episode. The earlier episodes are not that good relying on a combination of fan service and sloppy action to get by. The fourth episode is even a clip show, something that while it may be a low mark in a television series is absolutely unforgivable in an Oav. Even with all of these bad points the series does manage to scrap together something decent for the final two episodes. Even so this series is something that I would suggest renting rather than buying.

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