Anime Review: Rahxephon


Review Rahxephon Written by Warpshadow Rating very good/ excellent

Raxephon clearly has many similarities with the famed mecha anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Some would even go so far as to call this show a rip off of Evangelion. I sincerely disagree. A rip off is not something that is merely similar to the original, it is also something that copies the original's ideas without trying to interpret them in new ways or come up with new ideas.

Ayato Kamina is an Artistic high school student who lives in Tokyo. He lives in Tokyo because as far as he knows the rest of the world had been destroyed One day a monster attacks the city. While Ayato scrambles to find help for his friends he meets a mysterious friend of his named Reika. While the two of them look around they enter the subway, and amongst other things he finds he is not on a normal route. Ayato gets off on a stop called the Shrine of Xehphon. Inside the shrine is a giant egg that not only contains a giant robot but also the key that Ayato needs to find out the true nature of the world.

Rahxephon is a great anime mecha show. Many people compare it to Evangelion and I feel that both shows are great for the same reasons. Rahxephon has a very intricate plot that is like an onion, one mystery after another. There is a sizable cast of characters but they all get their screen time so no one ends up being flat. Overall the show is a fun show for those who like not only mecha but also complex shows. There are some people that dislike the show but they do not fall into any predictable pattern so I will just give Rahxephon the blanket recommendation since I think the show has enough merit that checking it out is worth it.

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