Anime Review: Rahxephon the motion picture

Rahxephon the motion picture

Review Rahxephon the motion picture Written by Warpshadow Rating good

I really liked the Rahxephon television series, I really did. What I do not like with this or any other good anime show is when lesser quality supplemental material is pushed on the viewers in order for the franchise to make more money.

Return again to the story of Rahxephon. Watch the story from the very beginning to the end in a single sitting. The basic plot of the movie the same as the basic plot of the television show. This time the story focuses more intently on the relationship between Ayato Kamina and Haruka Shitow. Many of the other elements of the television show and a few of the characters are taken out in consideration of time constraints.

The first ten minutes of the movie are very promising in that they show a flashback about the relationship between Ayato and Haruka and the formation of Tokyo Jupiter. After that the movie settles into what can be best called a clip show. While a clip show may be tolerable for a television show for when the animators get behind schedule or the plot gets too complex but to sell one as an independent product annoys me. There is supposed to be a booklet that comes with the movie that supposedly makes it more worthwhile. I did not receive a copy when I watched the movie (I got my copy from the local Blockbuster) so take this into consideration.

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