Anime Review: Blue Submarine 6

Blue Submarine 6

Review Blue Submarine 6 Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Although it is a bit rougher than some of it's later works Blue Submarine 6 is the Oav that put Studio Gonzo on the map. Still it shows how good they are with computer animation and the rest of the show isn't half bad either.

The seas have risen and flooded the cities. Strange beasts attack those that still live. All of this is the work of the twisted genius Professor Zorndyke. The entire world has gathered together and built the Blue fleet in order to defeat him. One of the ship's captains decides to recruit a new member aboard his ship. He is the talented Hayami, who despite the world's peril is strangely indifferent to the mission. His attitude may strangely enough be the very things that saves the world from total destruction.

Blue Submarine 6 is a good either as a four part Oav or as a movie. Most of the movie works as an action movie using high quality CG (this was the first show to use it completely). Despite the short time used to develop them, the characters in the show have verisimilitude. The climax of the movie is something completely different than what anyone would be at the beginning and I found that to be the best part of Blue Submarine 6. For a time what kept people from the show is that all four episodes were released on separate tapes. That is a thing of the past so I suggest you see this one.

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