Anime Review: Phantom the animation

Phantom the animation

Review Phantom the animation written by warpshadow Rating good

Phantom the animation is based off of a visual novel (sort of like a dating sim but not). Unlike many anime shows of this genre the game that this Oav was based off of is available in English through Hirameki International.

When a Japanese student travels abroad he witness a murder. The assassin's boss notices something special about him and instead of being killed he is kidnapped. The boy's memory is erased and is offered to either train to be an assassin or be killed. Seeing no other choice he accepts the offer and is given the name Zwei. His teacher is another assassin, an emotionless girl who is called Ein. Ein is also called by another name, Phantom, the title belonging to the greatest assassin in the syndicate.

Although based on the visual novel Phantom of Inferno, Phantom the animation is very different than anime shows based on either dating sims or more conventional video games. The show combines a bleak atmosphere with quick and intense gun battles (similar to those in Noir or Kite but less outrageous). The plot is very basic (play the game to learn a lot more) but is serviceable for the three episodes of the Oav. If you haven't played the game have no fear for enjoyment of the show does not hinge on knowledge gained in the game. I recommend this title mildly, if it looks interesting or you played the game watching it should be fun.

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