Anime Review: Rayearth Oav

Rayearth Oav

Review Rayearth Oav Written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

Usually when a spin off of a television show is made it is some sort of side story connected with the main show. Not so with the Rayearth Oav. Not only is this a retelling it is a really weird retelling of the original story.

Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are three junior high students who are about to graduate and will have to go their separate ways. While Hikaru is thinking about this underneath a cherry tree a fairy pops out. Later she receives a vision of the world ending and only she and her friends can stop it. A wizard named Clef appears and tells them of the danger and how the world of Cephiro is coming. Everyone else in the world disappears into a time warp and the only way to bring them out and save the world is to defeat the forces of Cephiro.

The Rayearth Oav is loosely based on the CLAMP series Magic knights Rayearth. This is a mix of good and bad. On the plus side the animation looks nice. On Negative side it is confusing as hell, perhaps even more so if you are familiar with the original series as the characters have been changed so much it is disorienting. Overall this falls into the not really bad but ultimately forgettable Oav Category, or in other words I wouldn't suggest buying it even for fans of the television series.

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