Anime Review: Read or Die

Read or Die

Review Read or Die Written by Warpshadow Rating very good/ excellent

After watching anime as long as I have you can start to lose faith in certain things. In my case I tend to doubt the possibilities of Oavs after seeing several bad ones. Then something like Read or Die comes along and shows me that I shouldn't prejudge a show by it's format.

Yomiko Readman is a big bookworm. One day just after buying a rare book to add to her collection a villain on a giant grasshopper attacks. Yomiko dispatches the man with the supernatural control that she has over paper. In fact she is also a secret agent code named the paper. The organization that she is apart of calls her in for this was not an isolated incident but part of a wider conspiracy. Will the world ever be safe from the super humans that threaten it and more importantly will Yomiko ever get to read her book?

Read or Die is an action movie with a bit of comedy thrown in. Such shows require cleverness when it comes to writing and choreographing and the makers of Read or Die have this in spades. In other words this isn't just a fast paced show the action sequences are also inventive. Yomiko is an interesting character that while acting goofy at times she can still kick ass when it counts. The animation is also done really well. While being one step short of being a classic this is clearly better than most shows I have seen and very much worth your time and money to see.

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