Anime Review: Tenchi Universe

Tenchi Universe

Review Tenchi Universe Written by Warshadow Rating good/ very good

One thing to remember about the Tenchi Muyo Television series is that changes had to be made from the Oav. If they weren't either the Oav fans would get bored because they have seen the story already or everyone else would be confused because they didn't know the back story. Given this it is an enjoyable and fun show, whether you have seen the Oav or not.

Tenchi Masaki is a normal boy who lives in Rural Japan. His life of normalcy ends when he sees a spaceship crash. He rushes to help the survivor a woman named Ryoko. After a couple of mishaps he finds out that despite her story she is in fact a space pirate and is being pursued by a galaxy police officer named Mihoshi. As neither Ryoko or Mihoshi have a way to get home they decide to live with Tenchi. That incident is just the start of not only Tenchi's new life of wierdness but also the collection of women that come to stay with him.

A mix of action comedy and also one of the earlier harem anime shows Tenchi Muyo has been entertaining fans for years. The plot is a bit sparse but filler is done for the sake of comedy so that is okay. As for the comedy it can get a bit repetitive but it is generally good. Some people might complain about how some of the characters are different from the Oav but for the most part they are the same as their Oav counterparts and it is here that you can see Kiyone. Overall this is a fun series enjoyable for nearly any anime fan.

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