Anime Review: Eden's Bowy

Eden's Bowy

Review Eden's Bowy Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

With the vast amount of different anime titles to buy and watch there are certainly those that are going to fall through the cracks even if they are decent shows. Eden's bowy is not a great show but is a good show and with it soon to be re-released at a lower price you might want to pick this one up.

A simple peasant boy named Yorn lives a simple life but occasionally thinks about the two edens, floating cities in the sky. One day while at the market he sees a strange girl. That doesn't compare to what happens later that day. Yorn is attacked and his father is killed. He might have been too if not for the intervention of the girl he met earlier that day. What is the reason for all of this? It is because unknown to even him Yorn is actually the god hunter and has immense power.

Eden's Bowy is one of those shows that requires the viewer to be somewhat patient in order to understand how good it is. At first glance the show may look like a drab fantasy show with a hero that that was pulled out of the cliché bin. Yet there are two things that are important to remember. The first is that our hero does travel to more interesting lands. The second and most important is that the show has a large cast and just all of them are more interesting than Yorn. The plot is intricate and somewhat complicated but I found that to be the best part.

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