Anime Review: Gravitation


Review Gravitation Written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

Even though I feel that I will be lynched by a horde of fangirls for saying this, I don't like Gravitation. I am not the type to be swayed by cheap fan service, especially if it is not the type that it is directed at my gender and there isn't much more to the show than that.

Shuichi Shindo is the vocalist for a pop duo known as bad luck. One day the lyrics he was writing for a song blow away in the wind are caught a man named Yuki Eri. Yuki bluntly tells Shuichi that his lyrics suck. Whatever he does Shuichi can not get that incident out of his head. Is there the possibility that this could be there is something more to this, that Shucichi could be in love with Yuki, Even if they are both guys?

Gravitation is a show that you will either love or hate. If really like Bishonen shows you may really like this show, otherwise you might avoid it like fire ants. Personally I find the two main characters unrealistic and have no real chemistry or reason to be together. That fact that they are homosexual feels like gimmick more than anything else. The only really good things about this show are the animation which is pretty good (and probably the big reason it's fans like it) and the soundtrack. If you don't pick up the DVDs of this you still might want to get the OST when it comes out.

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