Anime Review: DNA 2


Review DNA 2 Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

A very common plot in anime shows is the whole wimpy guy attracts a whole lot of girls for no reason. DNA2 is sort of like that but at least there is a reason for this and the rest of the show is internally consistent.

Junta Momonari is a flop when it comes to women. In fact he throws up at the site of them. So it comes as a total suprise when a girl named Karin comes from the future in order to stop him from becoming the mega playboy (not that a girl from the future would be unsuprising otherwise). There is one big snag in Karin's plan, the DCM bullet that she was going to use to stop Junta from becoming the mega playboy actually contained the formula to turn Junta into the mega playboy.

DNA 2 is a fan service romantic comedy, just like many anime shows. What makes this show good is that instead of relying on fan service like a crutch actual attention is paid to the romance and comedy. It makes you despair at the quality of some of today's romantic comedies. The characters are interesting and play off of each other well. Unlike many romantic comedies there is an actual point to Junta being in the show. My only problem with the series is that later on it morphs into a psuedo action show with unimpressive results. Even with it's small disappointments DNA 2 is a fun show and one that I recommend.

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