Anime Review: Steel angel Kurumi

Steel angel Kurumi

Review Steel angel Kurumi Written by Warpshadow Rating good

The are hundreds and hundreds of anime shows out there and a good deal of them are pretty average. Steel angel Kurumi is one of those shows. It is a good thing that the various gimmicks in the show are pulled of well enough to keep it from becoming a below average show.

Urged on by his friends Nakahito enters what he thinks is a haunted house. He happens upon what looks like a mannequin. Unexpectedly an earthquake occurs and by accident the mannequin falls on him. They accidentally kiss and that wakes up the mannequin which is actually Kurumi. It isn't long before the military finds the two and tries to capture Kurumi for not only is she a steel angel but she is also a powerful military weapon. There is problem with that since Kurumi was activated by Nakahito and is thus devoted to him and will stay with him come hell or high water.

At first glace Steel angel Kurumi is a fairly basic Bishojo series with the usual ditzy girl and wussy guy as the main characters. While this is fundamentally true the show switches gears every few episodes as not to dwell too long on this fact. The show has elements of comedy, action and romance and them, especially the first two, quite well. The episodes themselves are shorter than in most shows so there isn't much room for a meaty show. Overall this show is fluff and if you like this type of fluff go for it.

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