Anime Review: Project Ako

Project Ako

Review Project Ako Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

A few years ago when there were a few anime shows available in America some fans tried to make unifying theories of how anime physics worked. They were fun to read but have ultimately fell apart when shows that didn't fit the mold were licensed. Project Ako was one of these shows that these theories came from.

Ako Magami is a normal school girl (besides the fact that she possesses super strength). Today is the first day at school in Graviton city with her best friend Cko. When they get to school trouble is waiting for them. The name of this trouble is Bko, a rich girl who has set her sights on Cko. Ako's life is now full of problems ranging from Cko's cooking to getting in trouble with the teacher when she has a fight with one of the robots Bko sends to kill her. The only way this could be worse is if aliens invaded.

Project Ako is a deft blend of zany comedy, fast paced action and fan service. The combines these elements together effectively and seemlessly. Other elements do not fare as well. Character development is almost nil as it is sacrificed on the altar of quick jokes. The same could be said for the plot. Both the animation and the dub are fairly old (in the case of the dub it is assumed that earlier English dub tracks were less concerned with accuracy and had less access to skilled voice actors) but hold up very well to aging. Anyone who likes zany comedy, fast paced action or fan service (and who doesn't like at least one of those things) should see this show.

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