Anime Review: Steam boy

Steam boy

Review Steam boy Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

I am sad to say that Steam boy didn't do all that well in theaters. I feel that it is really a shame since not only is Steam boy a good movie is also a movie best seen in theaters. Anyway it's your loss not mine since I saw it in theaters.

Deep in the frozen wastes of Alaska two Scientists work to find the next step in the evolution of steam power when an accident occurs. A short while after Ray Steam gets a package from his grandfather. Inside is a mysterious black ball. Two men from the O'Hara foundation come to claim the ball but on orders from his grandfather he runs away with it. The ball is the steam ball, an energy source of immense power for steam powered devices. It is an object that may be too powerful for anyone to handle properly.

The first and most obvious feature of Steam boy is that this movie is a marvel of animation quality. In many places the movie is an action movie so the exquisite animation is put to good use. The action itself is fast paced and with the numerous machines that populate the movie, allowing for a variety of high intensity scenes. The plot and characters are well handled although the theme of the story is a bit worn. There are a couple of better movies out there but if you are looking for a straight up action film Steam boy is hard to beat.

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