Anime Review: Blue Seed

Blue Seed
Jade Stone

Blue Seed is the story of the Koshinada, a young girl who's sacrificial death is the only thing that stands between us and a whole lot of giant plant demons called the Arimada. The only problem is she doesn't know it yet. It's up to TAC (a secret government task force) to find her and keep her safe but first they have to rescue her from a rather nasty vine like creature that's taken over her school. That's not to mention the once human warrior that's trying to kill her so he can be set free when he's actually suppost to be protecting here. Poor Momiji... It just isn't here day. The animation went well with the show, and nothing seemed to cheap to me. The thing that really stood out was the beginning of the opening sequnce which used a lot of CG that was suprising well done considering how new it was at the time it was made. Story wise, it's not half bad. Can you really get bored of the cute teenage girl is forced to sacrifice herself to save the world bit? I don't think so. The music and sound fit the show. It didn't really stand out, but it didn't disgust me either. The opening sequence was energy filled and suited it well, and the ending was a beautiful love song. It was focused a lot on the drama and fighting, but there was also a lot of comedy so it had a light feeling to it at times. I'd watch it again. Maybe just to see the "evil plant boy" again, but that's why you watch these things, aren't they? All in all, Blue Seed is a good anime. It has a nice, serious, end of the world air to it, but it also has a nice comedical edge to it. I'd recomend it to anyone who likes: a) Stuff blowing up b) Cute high school girls c) Demonic looking anti-heros d) Pany shots e) Your basic (but good!), end of the world plot.

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