Anime Review: Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden

Review Rozen Maiden Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Many male protagonists in anime shows tend to be spineless dorks who are pushed around by women. However if that woman happens to by only two feet tall your entry into the loser's hall of fame is just about assured.

Jun Sakurada is a troubled boy. Instead of going to school like most kids his age he stays at home and buys things on the internet and then returning them before he has to pay. One day he orders a Victorian doll. Inspecting the doll he winds her up and the doll comes to life. The doll turns out to be a rather arrogant doll named Shinku. Then a puppet comes through the window and attacks Jun. Shinku says that she has the power to save Jun's life but only if he will become her servant.

Rozen maiden is an interesting show especially if one likes the gothic atmosphere that permeates the show. This is a show is good production values. The plot of the story has some superficial similarities to dating sim and other shonen romance shows but is very different in it's execution, for example there is no fanservice as most of the characters are actually dolls. The story meanders somewhat focusing on Jun's character development rather than a strong story arc. The plot is decent but left without a strong conclusion. A second season is in the works so that may be rectified soon. Overall Rozen maiden is a pretty original show and worth watching if only for that reason.

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