Anime Review: Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo Babylon
Jade Stone

Subaru is the top medium in all of Tokyo, so when strange, unexplained 'accidents' begin occuring on the work site of a revolutionary sky scraper he is called to the scene to determine whether or not it's cursed. Unforutantly for Subaru, it is, but not in the regular sense... CLAMP, as always did a beautiful job. It's a little on the old side, but it was still absolutely amazing to watch. The people can be a little tall and thin at times, but everything else is done very realisticly. It's one of those supernatural suspense thriller mystery things. It really captivated me, drew me in I guess you could say. It plays out well, not giving you too much info to early on but enough for you not to be totally in the dark. The regular, classic scene type music was pretty good. Unfortuantely, I watched the dubbed version and Manga Corps has a nasty habit of translating songs. So right in the middle of it there was this pretty awful britishy rendition of what might have been a okay song in Japanese. Other than that it was pretty basic. There was a very dark, sureal feel throughout this anime. I would watch this again. CLAMP's work is always eye candy and although Subaru's sisters' voice can get annoying at times the story was done well enough that you get over it. Watching it a second time might also help you catch some things that you missed the first time. I'm a total sucker when it comes to CLAMP. Tokyo Babylon had a great mix of action, charactor, and plot that when put together with a absolutely awesome psychic battle at the end is a great way to waste an hour. I recommend it to anyone who: a)Likes a good mystery b)Likes good psychic warfare c)Likes a good charactor driven story d)Is a sucker for CLAMP

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