Anime Review: Angelic layer

Angelic layer

Review Angelic layer written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Angelic layer is an interesting show about fighting dolls and the people (mostly girls) that control them. I can tell you one thing, Barbie never kicked this much ass. Then again from my memory of the old eighties cartoons neither did G I Joe.

When Misaki Suzuhara first arrives in Tokyo the first thing she sees is a fight. Not just any fight but a fight between two angels in a game called Angelic layer. Angelic layer is a game where the two players (called deuses) control dolls called angels and fight each other. She is instantly taken with the game and the white angel that wins the match. A man named Icchan shows up and tells her how she can play the game herself. Misaki buys an angel and names her Hikaru. Although she is just a beginner Angelic layer is a game where size and age don't matter.

Angelic layer is a tournament fighting show but one with a very shojo twist to it. This was CLAMP's first foray into a more shonen anime and they were able to make a worthwhile show by putting a new perspective on the genre. The plot starts of a bit slow but starts to pick up in the middle and stays strong to the end. This partially due to the fact that the show had a long setup to it leaving most of the character development to later episodes. The show is well animated with fights being fluid and dramatic. If any of these elements appeal to you I suggest you watch this show, you won't be disappointed.

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