Anime Review: Tenamonya Voyagers

Tenamonya Voyagers

Review Tenamonya Voyagers Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

Perhaps the experience that brings the most unusall experiences and funny memories is when you travel from one place to another. This idea has been used in many movies and shows but from the look of Tenamonya Voyagers it hasn't run out of steam.

Ayako Hanbishi was very hopeful when she got a teaching job on another planet. As luck would have when she got there the school went bankrupt. So she and a student named Wakana need to get back to earth. The problem is they have no money. The two run into Paraila, who unbeknownst to the two of them is a wanted criminal, and they start Journeying with her. As you can expect things don't go as smoothly as planned especially since the mob wants Paraila dead as well.

Tenamonya Voyagers is an interesting mix of science fiction and comedy. The show has a rather natural feeling approach to it's comedy that doesn't interrupt with the flow of the plot. This is not to say that jokes aren't plentiful, they just give the show a feeling of a funny story that really happened (except for the science fiction elements) as opposed to a looney tunes format where reality will easily bend for the sake of a gag. The format for Tenamonya Voyagers is a four episode Oav although it clearly looks as though there could have been more. The mix of good characters, good comedy, and good fanservice (in the fourth episode) makes Tenamonya Voyagers an Oav well worth watching.

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