Anime Review: Goshogun The time Etranger

Goshogun The time Etranger

Review Goshogun The time Etranger written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

Many Oavs are continuations of another work. These shows are created for fans of the original series are simply not as enjoyable for everyone else. This partially stems from the fact that the original series built up empathy for it's characters (presuming said series was any good) which would be missing for someone who hasn't seen it.

The Goshogun team are considered to be among the greatest heroes of the galaxy. One thing they can not stop is the passage of time. One of the members Remi Shimada gets into an accident and the doctors say that has almost no chance of survival. Her old friends break off from their less than heroic lives to visit her in the hospital. If Remy has any chance it comes from her indomitable will that has pulled her through impossible situations before. The movie retells two of these times, one when Remi was a child, and another when she was on the Goshogun team.

What evidently looks like a movie based off of an anime series that the vast majority of fans will never see Goshogun is a movie that is partially unwatchable simply by nature of the film. It's major saving grace is the moral of the story being something that is not only universal but well thought out. If the rest of the movie was well thought out this would be a genuinely good movie. This is not the case as it is riddled with logic holes. Not to mention that the character designs look off for people that are supposedly in their seventies. Take or leave this movie but either way I don't suggest putting this on the top of your "to watch" list.

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