Anime Review: Virgin fleet

Virgin fleet

Review Virgin fleet Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

There are some combinations of genres that are hard to put together. Off the top of my head one of them is trying to combine the military with low grade ren ai game romantic comedy. Virgin fleet shows this to be very true.

In an alternate history the outcome of World War II was changed by a group of women known as the virgin fleet. These women were special because they have the power to use something called virgin energy, which can only be used by a virgin. Fifteen years later an academy has been set up to train the women that can use this energy. Shiokaze is a student at this academy who has a good chance at entering the Virgin fleet. She is torn between her fiancee Mau and defending the country from attacks.

Virgin fleet is a three episode long Oav and a pretty bad one at that. It looks as though it was based off of some other source as there are a couple of characters that only serve as cameos and the main characters themselves are not that well developed either. This show also has trouble handling drama, as it often tries to make bold moves in it's plot only to chicken out later with a retraction. Most of the time Virgin fleet is a low grade romantic comedy though. When watching this show it feels as though I have seen almost the same show several times before and most of those times it was a better show.

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