Anime Review: Please Twins

Please Twins

Review Please Twins aka Onegai twins Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

Sequels are usually not as good as the original. The sequel to Please Teacher follows this rule but had a really good show to be not as good as but good none the less.

Maiku Kamishiro left the orphanage to travel to the home of his birth. He believed that if he stayed there he would eventually find one of his relatives. It just so happens that a girl named Mina shows up at his door saying that she is his relative. She has the same color eyes as him and has a childhood picture that Maiku also has a copy of. Later that day a girl named Karen also shows up with the same color eyes and the same photograph. Since there are only two people in the photo and three copies one of the two girls can't be Maiku's sister but which one is it?

Please twins is an interesting romantic comedy but also a very divisive one in terms of viewers that like or hate the show. On the plus side unlike many male protagonists in this type of show Maiku is a respectable and likable character. The show is a sequel to Please Teacher but with the exclusion of a couple of side characters this show has nothing to do with the earlier series. What really divides people on this show is the combination of fan service and melodrama. If you like these, watch. If not, don't.

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