Anime Review: Gundam seed

Gundam seed

Review Gundam seed Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Gundam is the biggest franchise in the anime world. While Gundam seed isn't the best show in the series it still is a nice mix of drama and action.

The residents of Heliopolis thought that the war between the group of space colonies known as Plants and the Earth Federation would never reach them. Yet this was impossible as the Earth Federation was secretly testing new weapons there. When ZAFT forces (the Plant's military) tried to steal these weapons a student named Kira Yamato was caught up in the confusion. In order to survive he pilots one of these machines that he names Gundams. The one thing that he never imagined that he would have to do is fight his old friend Athrun who was a part of the attack and stole one of the prototype Gundams.

Gundam seed is a dramatic and action packed show. The animation is nice and there is a number of good songs in the show. The show sports a large cast of interesting characters. Yet these things are also the things that can bring out the worst in the show. Sometimes the drama of the show often outstrips the desire to present a realistic show. Also the pacing is a bit off as the first episodes of the show are not as good as the later parts. There are also fans of the original gundam continuity that will look upon this show unfavorably. If you can get past it's downsides Gundam seed is a show you can really enjoy.

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