Anime Review: Gundam 0079

Gundam 0079

Review Gundam 0079 Written by warpshadow Rating very good/ excellent

Anime fans like to make a big fuss about how anime is a mature art form. The truth to this argument owes a lot to shows like the original Gundam which proved that you can make a serious show using giant robots.

Nine months ago war broke out between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. The people of side seven thought they could evade the war but when the Zeon forces found out that new weapons were being tested there that thought proved false. The only way that Amuro Ray could survive was to pilot one of the weapons called Gundam. Forced to escape on the Federation ship White base Amuro and his fellow evacuees will have to become soldiers in a war that has already claimed the lives of Billions of people.

When it first aired in 1979 Gundam was a revolutionary show and still has much of it's storytelling power today. The setting is dark and gritty but well detailed. The best part is the fact that the characters are not only complex but allowed to be flawed in ways that most shows shy away from. There is also attention paid to things like internal politics and logistics that are also brushed aside in many shows. However not all is great. The biggest problem comes from the dated animation and even more dated music. Even so Gundam is a great show for discerning anime fans.

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