Anime Review: Popotan


Review Popotan Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

Fan service can be something of a crutch in some shows. In others it can even obfuscate some of the better parts of the show. Popotan is such a show.

Ai, Mai and Mii are three sisters who live in a special house. The house is a Christmas shop but more importantly every so often it vanishes and then reappears in a different spot. This strange house is part of a quest the girls are on to find a woman. A very important part of this quest is asking questions to the popotan, which is the girl's special word for Dandelions. Their journey is full of new friends, baths, and other such fun.

Popotan is a cute and endearing show although all of that is buried underneath a mound of fan service. The show itself isn't very perverted, it is just that the girls really love to take baths. It is the viewer's tolerance for this fan service that it is the main deciding factor on whether a particular viewer will like the show or not. Also this show requires a bit of patience as it isn't until episode five (the first episode of the second DVD) that show really starts to take off. The animation for Popotan has a cute and cuddly look to it, which may make the fan service look all the more disturbing. Overall this is a decent show but enjoyment depends largely on personal tastes.

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