Anime Review: Peacemaker


Review Peacemaker aka Peacemaker Kurogane Written by Warpshadow rating good

A good number of anime shows have a setup of introducing the characters, muddling around with filler material, and then wrapping it up with a finale. While this isn't that bad of an idea having to sit through the middle of some shows can get a bit tedious. This experience fits Peacemaker perfectly.

Tetsunosuke Ichimura is a young man with a dream of becoming stronger and avenging the deaths of his parents. To accomplish this he decides to join the Shinsengumi. Since Tetsunosuke is only fifteen and short at that they refuse to let him join. After much pleading and trying they eventually let join as the page of vice commander Hijikata. This is not the position he wants but there is a price to be paid if one wants to be a warrior and that is to give up your humanity and become a demon.

Peacemaker had the potential to be a great show. That potential was drowned in a sea of filler episodes and glacial pacing. The climax of the show is good drama but it takes entirely too long to reach that point. What is more is that there is also a few major threads left hanging loose at the end of it all. Most of the show is light and ineffectual character episodes with a bit of humor. Not that it is really bad mind you but if you watch the show expecting samurai action you will be disappointed.

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