Anime Review: Crying freeman

Crying freeman

Review Crying freeman Written by Warpshadow Rating good

I have some friends that believe anime is sex and violence and they consider that a good thing. While not every show is like that Crying freeman is something that was probably created for people just like them.

Yoh Hinamura was a potter of great skill. His life was turned upside down when he ran afoul of the triad group known as the 108 dragons. They trained him to be a killer of great skill with a strange psychological quirk, whenever he kills someone he cries uncontrollably. He is given the code name crying freeman. One day he runs into a woman who witnesses him murder someone. As his bosses dictate he must kill her to prevent her from being a witness but some feelings inside make him feel ambivalent.

Crying freeman is a collection of six Oavs each that vary a bit in not just plot but style as well. While the first episode is somewhat realistic later episodes have a crazy over the top aspect to the plots. What is constant throughout the episodes is the sex and violence, making this show not suitable for children or the prudish. The animation is well done, eschewing big eyes for a more realistic character designs. The weird parts are a bit difficult since the show takes itself very seriously. Even so Crying freeman is a fun action anime for those that appreciate the action.

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