Anime Review: Tenchi Muyo GXP

Tenchi Muyo GXP

Review Tenchi Muyo GXP Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

There is crime out there known as bait and switch. What it is exactly promising something to a customer and then delivering something entirely different and almost always vastly inferior to the promised product. Fans of the Tenchi Muyo franchise beware this title.

Seina Yamada is an unlucky boy who lives near Tenchi. One day while visiting his classmate he meets a strange blonde woman who gives him a package. When he opens it he finds it is an offer to join the Galaxy police. As Seina's family also receives a good deal of grief from being near the unlucky boy they sign the boy up without his permission. There is adventure in store for Seina as his bizzare talents could come in handy for the Galaxy police, one way or another.

Despite the show's name and the fact that it takes place in the same universe, this show has almost none of the Tenchi characters we all have come to love. Instead the new cast which is displayed is pale in lifeless in comparison. There is even a space pirate named Ryoko, who is nothing compared original silver haired beauty. This is to say nothing of the plot, which would give some viewers whiplash. In an attempt to hold the attention of the viewer there is a huge serving of fan service in Tenchi Muyo GXP. As hot girls in anime are almost universal the fan service is of little value. I do not recommend this title.

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