Anime Review: Hand maid May

Hand maid May

Review Hand maid May Written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

One thing that is common in anime shows is the theme of the lonely but nice guy and the cute girls that fall from the sky to adore him. This is the theme of Hand maid May and if it doesn't interest you, not watching it would be a good idea.

Kazuya is a fairly typical college student. One day his friend/enemy Nanbara gives him a disc which contains a virus. By accident he accesses a web site and orders something. A package is delivered to his house containing a foot tall cyber doll named May. There is one big problem with May, she costs almost a million and a half dollars. Since Kazuya is just a poor college student he doesn't have enough money. So begins cyberdine corp's (the makers of May) attempts to repossess her.

If you have been watching anime for some time you will know that the idea of a nice but lonely guy who stumbles upon a cute girl, and then a few more as the episodes pass, has been done to death. Hand maid May adds little of anything new to the mix. The characters are not particularly annoying (although Nanbara is a bit of a toss up) it is just that there is nothing new or interesting about them. This show may be a pleasant little trip for those that like this sort of thing but anyone else should probably stay away.

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